UALR Gamenight Blog: Trojans flop in loss to Eastern Michigan

51      62
UALR loses 62-51 to Eastern Michigan on Friday.

Some game notes:
  • UALR shoots 32 percent from the field. At one point they were over 50 percent.
  • Got outrebounded 36-34 after holding the rebound edge much of th night.
  • UALR had 21 turnovers, 13 in the first half. Many were unforced (or at least lightly forced).
  • Jackson and Williams lead with 11 points apiece. But Williams' points came way too late.
  • Neighbour, Williams, Jackson all with four turnovers.
  • Guy goes the final 32 minutes without a point.
  • UALR struggled to execute against IUPUI's zone late on Tuesday. And really struggled vs. the zone today. It's doubtful Michigan State will play too much zone on Sunday, but UALR can expect to see a lot of it from here on out.

Thank God it's over.
EMU 62, UALR 51

Have to go back and check some of the ugliest UALR games I've seen. I'm thinking Portland State from about 9 years ago. But UALR pulled that one out.


There's 50 for EMU. Don't think UALR is going to make it

2:14-EMU 48, UALR 43-Neighbour hits 2 FTs

Trojans on the ropes, down 7

2:59-EMU 46, UALR 41
Javes has 4 fouls

3:51-EMU 44, UALR 41-it's 28 game minutes since Guy's last point...Lampley is badly outplaying Williams tonight.

Guy hasnt scored since the game's first 8 minutes. Had 8 in first 8 mins.....EMU has taken over the rebound lead in this game.... Marlo jumper gives Trojans the lead.

7:57-EMU 40, UALR 36-Strickland has 4 fouls, but Jackson misses two FTs... Every point is crucial in this ugly game

Now Shields gets a technical foul that UALR didn't need.

You just get the feeling this isn't going to happen. Somebody needs to make a play -- several of them.

11:46-EMU 35, UALR 33-first to 50 may win this thing.

Corky's needs to cut some new spots. These Fayetteville spots are disgraceful.

15:48-UALR 31, EMU 31-3 now on Javes.... Trojans still sloppy.

Guy 8, Sutherland 6, Jackson 4, Neighbour 3, Lawton 2.
13 turnovers for Trojans. That is killing UALR, which is leading in every other statistical category.

Halftime-UALR 23, EMU 22-Technical foul on Jackson allows EMU to take first lead of game. Then Jackson picks up third foul.... Javes block, Sutherland layup gets lead back.

3:42-UALR 21, EMU 20-Twelve UALR turnovers allowing EMU to stay close.

11:47-UALR 16, EMU 8-Again, Shields goes a long way into this game without subbing before Neighbour comes in for Javes.... Too many turnovers early for Trojans... Guy hits first 3.... Guy hits another... Jackson makes 2 FTs

6:19-UALR 21, EMU 16- 8-0 run by EMU cuts UALR lead to 2. Neighbour hits a 3 to push lead back to 5.

15:47-UALR 6, EMU 4-Couple of bad possessions to start for UALR vs. EMU zone. EMU goes to Balkema 3 straight possessions to start. Make that 4 before he checks out. Trojan guards driving and drawing fouls.

20:00-UALR 0, EMU 0

UALR starters are the same: D'Andre Williams, Chuck Guy, Tramar Sutherland, Courtney Jackson and Michael Javes

The BTH UALR live blog will be up and running again tonight as the Trojans take on Eastern Michigan. Tipoff tonight is at 6 p.m. from the Convocation Center in Ysplanti, Mich.