Shooting records in play early this season for UALR


Marlon Louzeiro converts a high-
percentage shot on Saturday night.
UALR is going to have to pick it up at the offensive end or this is going to be a record-breaking season for the Trojans. And it’s not a good record.

No UALR team has ever shot below 40 percent from the field as a team. And no UALR team has ever shot below 27 percent from three-point range. Both are in jeopardy.

It’s still a relatively small sample of six games, but UALR is currently shooting 36.5 percent from the field and 26.6 percent from three-point range.

Since joining NCAA Division I in 1979, UALR has had only five teams even come close to dropping below 40 percent from the field. The 2008-2009 team came the closest at 40.2 percent. The others were the 1994-1995 team (40.3), the 2007-2008 team (40.3), the 2000-2001 team (40.4) and the 1996-1997 team (40.7).

And since the introduction of the three-point shot in the mid-1980s, only three UALR teams have shot worse than 30 percent from behind the arc. The worst was the 1994-1995 team at 27.9 percent. The others were the 2007-2008 team at 29.0 percent and the 2000-2001 team at 29.3 percent.

Then again, it's still really early in the season. If UALR were to average 44 percent over the next four games, the Trojans would get their season field-goal percentage back to 40 percent. UALR has shot 44 percent or better just twice this season (both victories).