Michael Javes a team best +11 in UALR's win over IUPUI


The five UALR starters combined to go +12 in Tuesday’s 75-70 victory. But the most amazing part was that +11 of that +12 went to one player. Freshman Michael Javes was a team best +11 for the Trojans in the plus/minus category.

Take it a step further. Freshman Taggart Lockhart was a +9 in limited minutes. And Freshman Ben Dillard was a +5. The three freshmen who played were a combined +26. The others in the top five on Tuesday were Eric Lawton (+3) and D’Andre Williams (+2).

Tuesday's game was about as little substituting as Coach Steve Shields has ever done. He didn't make a sub for the first 7:43 to start the game. And he only made that one because Williams picked up a second foul. And he didn't make a sub for the first 10:36 of the second half.

We also got a good look at the future on a couple of occasions. At one point, UALR had Williams, Lockhart, Dillard, Will Neighbour and Javes in the game. That's a senior, a sophmore and three freshmen.

BTH +/- and stats are now updated.