UALR schedule nearly done, just not ready for release

   We get asked a lot this time of year about the UALR basketball schedule and when it's going to come out.
   The simple answer: Soon.
   Basically, the schedule's done right now. It's been done for a while. But it's just not ready for release. This is the time of year when schools are jockeying games trying to fit in one last blockbuster to their schedule. Or they're just trying to fill an unexpected hole.
   And that's the reason for the delay. One of UALR's opponents needs to fill a hole in its schedule and, as a result, might need to move its game at Little Rock. And UALR is attempting to work with that school so that the dates work out for everybody.
   So the not-so-simple answer is: When it's finished.
   Until then, here's a look at the Sun Belt Conference games.
  • December 29 at North Texas
  • December 31 at Denver
  • January 7 vs. Florida Atlantic
  • January 12 at Louisiana-Monroe
  • January 14 at Arkansas State
  • January 19 vs. Louisiana-Lafayette
  • January 21 at Western Kentucky
  • January 26 vs. South Alabama
  • January 28 vs. Denver
  • February 4 vs. Louisiana-Monroe
  • February 9 at Louisiana-Lafayette
  • February 11 at Middle Tennessee
  • February 16 vs. Florida International
  • February 18 at Troy
  • February 23 vs. North Texas
  • February 25 vs. Arkansas State
   Some interesting notes. No trip to Florida for the first time I can remember. Also, no trip to Mobile (not unheard of, but rare). First appearance at The Jack for Isiah Thomas. Only second Jack appearance for Mike Jarvis. UALR goes to Western and Middle for the first time in a long time. And that Feb. 9-11 trip from Lafayette, La., to Murfreesboro, Tenn., is going to be tough.