Who should UALR fans root for down the stretch?

   As we play out the final two weeks of the regular season, UALR remains in contention for a bye in the first round of the Sun Belt Tournament next month in Hot Springs.
   This year, only the division standings matter in the seeding for the Sun Belt Tournament. So games involving two East Division teams don't really matter.

West Division
Arkansas State         8-4
Denver                       8-4
Louisiana-Lafayette 7-5
UALR                         6-5
North Texas              5-6
Louisiana-Monroe  1-12
   What should we root for down the stretch? Obviously, UALR needs to win four (and possibly five) of its remaining five games on the schedule. UALR has six conference victories right now and will need at least 10 to contend for the bye. They might need 11.
   It still appears that any team reaching 11 victories is going to get a bye. That means there are some scenarios that can help boost UALR’s chances.
   On the schedule tonight are four games that will further clarify the race for the two available byes.
Western Kentucky at UALR: Obviously, root for UALR.
Arkansas State at Louisiana-Lafayette: This is a game that is difficult to decide which direction to go in. Louisiana-Lafayette has 3 of its final four games at home and is the hottest team in the conference. But the Cajuns are only sitting at seven victories right now. ASU is at eight. UALR fares better in a tiebreaker with Louisiana-Lafayette if it comes to that. Root for Louisiana-Lafayette.
Louisiana-Monroe at Denver: It is extremely unlikely that ULM is going into Denver to get a victory. However, it would be helpful. Don’t expect it, but root for Louisiana-Monroe.
South Alabama at North Texas: Again, no expectations for USA to go into UNT and win this game. However, a loss by North Texas would ensure the Mean Green have no shot at a bye. So root for South Alabama.