UALR's Guy improving, Jackson playing injured, Louzeiro taking advantage

If you had listened to the Steve Shields/Joe Foley Radio show last night on KARN, you would have learned that:
  • Freshman guard Chuck Guy's minutes were limited on Saturday due to injury. Guy was much better at practice on Monday.
  • Junior Courtney Jackson is playing with torn cartilage and will have to have surgery after the season. He has been limited in practice.
  • Coach Steve Shields believes the re-emergence of junior Marlon Louzeiro is a product of two things. First, the work he put in last year with John Barron, losing almost 40 pounds. Second, his attitude when he was not getting any minutes a few weeks ago. Louzeiro didn't pout. Instead he took advantage of the opportunity when it came.
  • Coach Joe Foley was impressed with the way his team handled the adversity of playing without Chasity Reed and Janette Merriex for much of Sunday's game due to foul trouble.
  • Foley thought Sunday's game was the best of the career of freshman Taylor Ford.
  • Foley said Shanika Butler absolutely took over the game with 10 minutes remaining.
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