UALR vs. Louisiana-Lafayette game predictions

UALR (+5) at UL-Lafayette
 7 p.m. tonight
Cajundome, Lafayette, La.
   No surprise whatsoever that Louisiana-Lafayette goes into tonight's game as a five-point Vegas favorite over UALR. It was two points last night, four points this morning and moved to five points this afternoon. Louisiana-Lafayette didn't have to play a Sun Belt game on Thursday and has been prepping for the Trojans all week. UALR not only had to play on Thursday, but had to make the bus trip through the snow to get to the Cajundome.
   Here's today's predictions:

Ken Pomeroy (16-6): Louisiana-Lafayette 72, UALR 70
Real Time RPI (14-8): Louisiana-Lafayette 70, UALR 69
CBS Sportsline (14-8): Louisiana-Lafayette 72, UALR 71
Jeff Sagarin (13-9): Louisiana-Lafayette 70, UALR 69
The Sports Network (12-10): Louisiana-Lafayette 68, UALR 64

   All five go for ULL tonight, but all are very close. It appears all five would have gone for UALR had the game been played in Little Rock. Here's The Sports Network's breakdown of the game:
   Lafayette hasn't been an easy place for the UALR women to get a victory. A couple of times in recent years it's been a nail-biter at the high-school-like Earl K. Long Gym.
Real Time RPI (19-1): UALR 62, Louisiana-Lafayette 53