Louzeiro's fouls limited his minutes, UALR's production against WKU

   Thanks to fouls, we'll never know what kind of night UALR junior Marlon Louzeiro could have turned in during Thursday's loss to Western Kentucky.
   Louzeiro picked up two fouls in the first 1:42 last night and had to sit for a long time. That limited him to just 1 point and 2 rebounds in 16 minutes as the Trojans lost 61-59 on a last-second shot by the Hilltoppers.
But those 16 minutes Louzeiro played were the best of the night by any Trojan on Thursday. UALR outscored Western Kentucky 31-18 with Louzeiro in the game to make him a team-best +13 for the night.
   To get to second best you have to go all the way down to junior D'Andre Williams, who was a +3 with UALR outscoring WKU 40-37 with him in the game. Uunior Tramar Sutherland was also +3 in four minutes. And UALR outscored Western 41-39 with junior Eric Kibi (+2) in the game.
   Marlo is now a +51 for the season and +35 in the past five games, both team bests. Senior Solomon Bozeman is second best in both categories at +43 for the season and +15 in the past five games.
Men's stats and season plus/minus per minute ratings are now updated in the right column of this page. Women's stats will be updated later today.