El Fuerte posts top mark for UALR again as Trojans beat Warhawks

   Stats are in and updated from last night's UALR victory over Louisiana-Monroe.
   The top plus/minus mark went to Alex Garcia-Mendoza, who was a +13. The Trojans outscored the Warhawks 46-33 with El Fuerte in the game.
   The second best rating went to Marlon Louzeiro who was at +10. UALR outscored ULM 57-47 with Marlo in the game. Third  best went to Solomon Bozeman at +9 with UALR outscoring ULM 49-40 with him in the game.
   Bozeman has taken the season plus/minus lead at +48, while Marlo continues to post a solid +38. In the past five games, Marlo is a +22.