BTH Need to Read (2/25): UALR elliminated from Sun Belt bye

   Well, if it makes you feel any better UALR's result last night was meaningless when it comes to getting a first-round bye in the Sun Belt Tournament. Arkansas State's victory over North Texas eliminated the Trojans from that. Without doing all the math yet, it appears UALR is locked in as either the fourth or fifth seed from the West Division.
   However, the defensive effort from UALR last night was pitiful. South Alabama scored at will. And when the Jaguars didn't score, UALR fouled them and sent them to the line. But, hey, you said you wanted exciting play and offense, right? Well, four Trojans reached double figures. Read about it in the Mobile Register:

   Then there's this headline from the South Florida Sun Sentinel: Owls Rip Troy 77-60 to win Sun Belt. Hmmm. Well, actually they didn't win anything. The Sun Belt only awards regular season championships to division winners. The only "Sun Belt" you can win is in the postseason tournament. Every year this happens. A few years ago Western Kentucky had to alter a story on its Web site proclaiming their title. I put the blame on the conference. They should notify these schools before this comes up. Anyway, FAU is still the East Division Champ and the No. 1 seed from that division. But last night's game did nothing to enhance their standing in the tournament.