UALR men's statistics and +/- have been updated

The Burn The Horse UALR men's basketball statistics have been updated through Wednesday's 13-point loss to St. Bonaventure.

Derrick Bails was a +1 on Wednesday,
finishing with 2 points and 5 rebunds
in 13 minutes.
  Believe it or not, there was one plus and one even in last night's game. Derrick Bails was a +1 while Tramar Sutherland was even. But the only other three players who weren't double-digit minuses were Chuck Guy (-3), Solomon Bozeman (-5) and Matt Mouzy (-6).
  The best UALR substitution segment came late in the first half with Guy, Mouzy, Bozeman, Alex Garcia-Mendoza and Montrell Thornton on the court. That was a +6 as UALR rallied from 26-20 down to tie the game 26-26.
  The worst substitution segment also came in the first half. Guy, Mouzy, Sutherland, Garcia-Mendoza and Thornton were on the court as St. Bonaventure increased its lead from 17-16 to 24-18.
  Bozeman is a season best +25 to lead UALR. Guy is second at +13, followed by Louzeiro, Sutherland and Derrick Bails. In the past five games, the top five have been: Bozeman +18, Guy +13, Bails +5, Louzeiro EV and Courtney Jackson -3.
  Louzeiro, Sutherland, Guy, Bozeman and Bails are the only five players at a plus for the season.