Statistics and +/- updated

BTH has updated the UALR statistics and plus/minus ratings through last night's victory over Philander Smith.
Last night's plus/minus ratings were pretty amazing with eight of the 13 players scoring at least a plus 10.
Junior Eric Kibi led the way at plus 16.
Seniors Alex Garcia-Mendoza and Solomon Bozeman were at plus 15.
Freshman Chuck Guy was at plus 13.
Junior Courtney Jackson was at plus 12.
Junior Tramar Sutherland was at plus 11.
And senior Montrell Thornton was at plus 10.
Garcia-Mendoza continues to have the best season plus/minus at plus 31. However, Sutherland has moved into the top spot for plus/minus per minute. With senior Matt Mouzy getting back to even last night, 11 of the 13 players are at even or better through nine games.