Forwards a no show

It doesn't take long to look at the statistics and see where UALR didn't show up in Thursday's 65-55 loss at Rice.
UALR's forwards combined to score 9 points and grab 15 rebounds in 74 minutes. They made only 3 of 13 field-goal attempts (most from inside the lane) and 3 of 12 free throw attempts.
Courtney Jackson had 3 field-goal attempts in 26 minutes.
Eric Kibi had 4 attempts in 15 minutes.
Derrick Bails had 1 attempt (and 4 missed free throws), in 13 minutes.
Rice doesn't have all that imposing of a front line, but they outscored UALR 30-16 in points in the paint. Rice's Arselan Kazemi nearly outplayed the entire group by himself with 15 points and 9 rebounds.