The last time = ugly

UALR last visited Missouri State in 2008 and it was ugly as the Bears pulled away for a 59-37 victory. Coach Steve Shields described the game as a: "Pure Butt Kicking."
UALR's defense wasn't awful. But the Trojans were unable to make anything from anywhere on the court. That included countless shots inside the free throw lane.
UALR shot 23 percent for the game, including 8 percent from three-point range. That also included 3 of 24 field-goal shooting in the second half. The Trojans had only two assists for the entire game. Although if they had made some easy shots in the paint, those assist numbers would have been a little better.
That UALR team ended up being a pretty good group, winning 23 games on the way to the Sun Belt Conference's West Division championship.